Thursday, 28 June 2012


Excuse my lack of blogging! I sort of got lazy...and I've been staying at home a lot, so nothing interesting to blog about!
Here's the highlight of my week. Sorry it's iPhone quality, I hardly take out my camera anymore -SHAME- ): Also, now I'm starting a bad habit of using Instagram, aha
 My uncle's cute dog, CJ :)

I've been getting lazy and started buying sushi for dinner once in awhile, sooo bad...
&I went to Pacific Mall the other day and purchased a few Asian fashion magazines. [VIVI and Popteen], I can't read Chinese. Such a poser, aha.

 Went to Yorkdale Mall a week ago to attend the MICHELLE PHAN (Youtube make-up guru) meet and greet! The lines were long and it was my first time at Yorkdale, so my friend and I decided we should just take a peek, try to snap a few pictures then leave. :P

Here's my paparazzi looking shot of Michelle going down to her interview ! I'm in love with her outfit, she's such a tiny person in real life! 
I finally discovered a TOPSHOP in Toronto! (The Bay near Eatons is too small) But sadly I found nothing I liked. ):

[Strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt + sprinkles + strawberries]


Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Here's what's happening in my life in picture form :)
I finished my sociology exam on saturday morning and missioned home back to Niagara Falls.
Took a quick visit to Dundas Square since it was on the way!
Bye bye Toronto! 

 My sister bought my awesome earrings! ;)

The same weekend, Niagara was hosting our annual Rotary Club of Niagara Falls Sunrise Ribfest and BBQ ! Took a stroll around the area to check it out :) Too full to buy anything though 

Of course, one of the many things I must do when I get back to Niagara! THRIFT !

Lastly, to feed my BeaverTails obsession, I have to purchase one every time I'm back!
Beavertails is a line of fried dough pastries with a variety of flavours that are filled ontop.
Cinnamon is my favourite! I also took a few shots of Cliffton Hill (Niagara Fall's main tourist area) before I left.

 Lastly, I had a Chinese dinner with my family :) The main purpose of coming home. Family time and reunion with those who I have not seen in a while. The most important thing.

Enjoy your day !

Friday, 15 June 2012

OOTD 06.14/15.12

Didn't post what I wore yesterday, so here it is !
White Lace Shirt from Macy's // Denim Button-up from Hong Kong // Navy blue shorts from Forever21 // Thigh-high socks from Forever21 

Lazy day today, this is what I'm wearing. I have a midterm tomorrow, trying to be as comfy as possible ): Lazy study session day!
Grey v-neck from H&M // Blue shorts from Forever21

Here's how my day has been going through pictures :)

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 14 June 2012


Went out with friends today to Yonge and Finch area to eat Korean food and Cafe Princess! 
We ate at Lim Ga Ne [5529 Yonge St], it's delicious and this is my second time going! Next beside the K Mart, in all orange. The food is tad bit pricey for my liking, especially since I'm not the biggest Korean fan (food wise, don't hate me!) I didn't order anything and just ate all the side dishes LOL since I ate before heading out. :$ Their side dishes are DELICIOUS though, and bonus points for them because they also serve vegetarian pancakes! :) 
Excuse the photo quality, all photo's taken by my iPhone! ...yes, I had to use Instagram -__- 

After we ate at the Korean restaurant, we went across the street to Cafe Princess. A cute cafe located on the second floor on 5590 Yonge St. 
The theme itself is absolutely adorable, and it's a very relaxing place to hang out, sit and chat while enjoying a drink or deserts. 

Iced Coffee // Chocolate shake // Green Tea Latte // Oreo Shake 

 Just a sample of the menu! So many sweet desserts to choose from! I've only tried the Green Tea Latte. Definitely coming back more often when I have time! :)

Enjoy your day !